Woodley, St James

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Kingfisher Drive , Woodley , RG5 3LH


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A parish of about 6,000, Southlake is part of Woodley which has a population in the region of 25,000. It is in Wokingham District but us really a suburb of Reading.

Our Strengths:

We feel we have many strengths, including: a strong sense of belonging and community, a good welcome to new-comers. Many members are involved in service of each other. Childrenís and Young Peopleís work is strong. We employ a part-time youth worker across the team, and a part-time childrenís worker at St Jamesís, who co-ordinates large teams of volunteers. We also support the work of JAC (Just Around the Corner) which is led bt two of our members and works with the young people of Woodley in parks and schools. Recently JAC has formed a church in a car park for young people and this work is to be supported by a Cutting Edge grant. Our building is a community centre, cared for by the church community and used by a wide range of groups. It offers resources from ante=natal to old age. It is in good condition. There is an able music group, who lead in a wide variety of styles.

Our Needs:

To build on our children and youth work provision, ideally by making the youth worker a full-time post. To continue to develop lay leadership, including authorised preachers and worship leaders, but not restricted to these areas.