Caversham, St Andrew

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Harrogate Road, Caversham, RG4 7PL


15 members

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Surburban, residential and expanding, with reasonably good access to Reading town centre, schools, hospitals and other facilities.

Mission Statement:

Following extensive consultation in the parish, in November 2010 the PCC agreed the following Vision Statement.

Our vision is to be
- a people growing in a faith that is honest and life-changing
- a centre for community at the heart of Caversham Heights

Our Strengths:

- provision for children and young families, healing services and pastoral care.
- social activities.
- a Sacremental church which observes festivals.
- links with the local community through use of the church (e.g. for concerts), church hall (in use all week by various groups), and the church café (The Fisherman) which opened in March 2010.
- high quality church music

Our Needs:

An increase in planned giving, in provision for young people and an individual commitment and involvement by all age grounps.